Guinea - amazing moth

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leigh replied the topic: Re: Guinea - amazing moth
Hello all,
Newcomer here, seven years late to the discussion. I found my way here by following a trail that led from a picture of a similar moth from S. Africa which I found really baffling, as it was bright pink, and bore a lot of resemblances to various of the moon moths, for example as someone here pointed out, tailwings of the antistathmoptera and argema mittrei, and it has a similar shape to Actius dubernardi, which however comes from Vietnam! When I saw your picture I did a check on West African saturniids –– I think Stuart Hine is right, but based purely on the colour of the wings think the actual species might be Eudaemonia argus. Some think the two are the same species. The Eudaemonias are Saturniids should they be included among the glamorous moon moths? What do you think? best, Indra

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