Taxonomy questions - United Kingdom

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Taxonomy questions - United Kingdom

Postby Doug » Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:01 pm

Hi there.

I have tried to setup the UK list in the application as a country "template" and have pretty much got it fully up to date but have a few taxanomic questions?

Anas carolinensis (Split from Anasa crecca)
Branta hutchinsii (Split?)
Micropalama himantopus (???)
Carduelis cabaret (Split??)
Chlamydotis macqueenii (Mcqueen's Bustard??? Split)
Lanius meridionalis (split??)
Melanitta americana (Me'lanitta nigra??)
Phylloscopus humei (Split???)
Phylloscopus ibericus (Split???)
Phylloscopus orientalis (Split???)

Your comments will help me get the full species list in the program up to date.


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Postby Tassilo » Mon Sep 08, 2008 5:22 pm

Hi Doug
some information for you:

Anas carolinensis: Green-winged Teal,

Branta hutchinsii (Split?) : Cackling Goose, split from Branta canadensis,

Micropalama himantopus (???) : Stilt Sandpiper, american vagrant,

Carduelis cabaret (Split??) : Lesser Redpoll, split from Carduelis flammea,

Chlamydotis macqueenii (Mcqueen's Bustard??? Split) : Macqueen's Bustard, split from Houbara (Chlamydotis undulata),

Lanius meridionalis (split??) : Southern Grey Shrike, split from Lanius excubitor,

Melanitta americana (Me'lanitta nigra??) Black (American) Scoter,

Phylloscopus humei (Split???) : Hume's Leaf-Warbler, split from Phylloscopus inornatus,

Phylloscopus ibericus (Split???) : Iberian Chiffchaff, splitt from Phylloscopus collybita,

Phylloscopus orientalis (Split???) : Eastern Bonelli's Warble,


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