Where to find special species in North America

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Postby 4adiva » Tue Mar 03, 2015 6:58 pm

Wow! I get to have the first post in this forum.

Thought this might be of interest, particularly for our US neighbours.

We are experiencing a Bald eagle boom here in the southwest corner of Canada. We always have lots of over-wintering Baldies here as well as breeding pairs, but I've never seen so many as this year. Driving out on Sunday, we passed an area where there were a dozen sitting in one tree and another score scattered through the nearby trees. In the fields opposite, there were six or seven sitting on the ground.
Continuing the drive through a rural area, we'd spot adults and juveniles every couple of minutes.
The crowning glory was a gorgeous pair of adults cuddling on a tree-top, maybe 14 m off the ground, giving everyone in the park a stunning view for a good 20 min.

We also get a huge number of Baldies in Squamish/Brackendale every year, timed with the salmon run (Dec/Jan). Squamish is about an hour's drive from the city of Vancouver. The Baldies are easily viewed, often close up.

And in case the idea of Canadian weather worries you, I'll let you know that temperatures in this area have been well above freezing most of the winter. Today, it's 7 degrees C, clear and sunny. :D

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Re: Eagle-mania

Postby gordon » Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:01 am

Can we swap cities?

Here in Brisbane it's going to be 41C tomorrow!

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