Current Competition


Previous Winners

Congratulations to Georg Waechter. He won a copy of Southern African Mammals made simple.

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Winners name to follow shortly!

Congratulations to Felix Njenga, Victor Roberts and Clive Prior drawn after correctly ID'ing the Rufous-naped Lark. They have each won a copy of Southern African LBJs made simple.

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April 2010: Congratulations to The Waldens for correctly guessing our mystery bird call, Fiery-necked Nightjar!

Congratulations to Gustav Kleingeld for creating our new logo. We had some really good ideas and designs coming through. In the end we felt that the simplicity as well as the clever use of the colours suited our site the best. Gustav has won a brand new pair of binoculars.

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October 2006, ID the bird and win a copy of Pipits of Southern Africa by Faansie Peacock. Rihann Geyser was the first person drawn to correctly ID the Rufous-naped Lark!

August 2006, Ben Smit correctly Identified the call as Amethyst Sunbird, winning a Newman's Field Guide!

June 2006 Photographed by Sion Stanton.
Sion became the first person to win a prize on our site. The prize was a copy of SA Birdfinder!

May 2006 Photographed by Trevor Hardaker